Kalpadruma Gathering 1.0

‘Kalpadruma Sounds’ in association with ‘Audioshift’ and ‘Stash-pro papers’ brings to you an eclectic night with a stellar line up hand picked from the top notch upcoming Experimental Darkpsy Artists/DJs from India and around the world.

Kalpadruma Gathering 1.0 is the first edition of a 13hr gathering of non stop experimental dark-psy music in the Northeast of India. It’s aim is to help build the roots for psychedelic music in the Northeast India encouraging budding psy-artists and producers providing them a platform to showcase the art of psychedelia.

Artist information:

Presenting ‘Freq 36’ as the main act who is an experimental psytrance artist from Morocco and is the co founder of Fantazy Records based in Bratislava/Slovakia, his style is atypical and diverse and his music can be described as a active meditation journey into mystical worlds.

From Bombay we have ‘Orphism’ who is a metal head turned darkpsy producer. His experiments with the genre has seen him grow really fast in the scene and has released tracks with known labels from around the world. He is currently associated with Samskara Records, The Endless Knot and also Kamakhya Records.

magiK Kalan dives into Shaarang Nair’s expression of his creative source. Spored from the Tamil word “kalan” for mushroom, his love for psychedelic music and culture ignited in the secluded forests of Kodaikanal where deep-seated realisations about the esoteric psychedelic collective community left a life-changing impact on his consciousness.

Dr. Bishnu Saikia who has been an immense influence to the scene and the art of experimental psychedelic trance in the Northeast of India is a phD in Goa Trance. He is a proud part of the Kamakhya Records family and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board for the gathering.

Brainchild and the founder of Kalpadruma Sounds, ‘Psyclepth’ is another metalhead turned experimental darkpsy producer/dj from Guwahati who loves to experiment with recorded and natural sounds or samples from random everyday things as humans we happen to cross.

Finally we have ‘Stim Sim’ a.k.a ‘Stimulation Simulation’ who is a budding darkpsy producer/dj from Dudhnoi in Assam who is ready to make you groove like there’s no tomorrow with his style of storytelling. We’re stoked to have him on board with the Kalpadruma Sounds family.

Event Details:

Date : 29 December 2022
Venue : TBA ( will be personally DM’d )

Ticket details :

Early birds : ₹ 700 ( from 01/11/22- 15/11/22 )

1st Phase : ₹ 1000 ( from 15/11/22 – 30/11/22 )

2nd Phase : ₹ 1250 ( from 1/12/22 – 15/12/22 )

Final Phase : ₹ 1500 ( 15/12/22 – 29/12/22)

See you on the Dancefloor!!

Event Detail

December 29, 2022 6:00 pm
December 30, 2022 11:00 pm

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